Pullooz was incorporated in 2016 in BAHRAIN and since 2017, established itself as one of the leading importers of edible oils and Food items. We are one of the main distributors of Bangladeshi food products in the country. The company was founded by the visionary trader Faris Chovvenchery. The name Pullooz is derived from a place named Pullaloor situated in kerala., we believe that being a good business means contributing to the well-being of our workers, our customers, our community, and our planet. Over a period of time, the company has established a strong relationship with its Principals across the country based on trust, transparency and performance.

Bombay Sweets

Bombay Sweets & Co. Ltd. Established in 1948, it has been a leader in consumer foods for many decades. Pullooz world trading est is the exclusive distributors of Bombay Sweets & Co.Ltd products in Bahrain. Pullooz world trading est  distributes delicious Bombay Sweets  products like Chanachur, Potato crackers, Dalmouth etc all over Bahrain.

Olympic Industries

What makes Olympic so popular is the quality of their products and understand that customers have high expectations, and that their loyalty depends on it. As the market leader in distribution, Pullooz delivers the varieties of olympic’s food products in Bahrain markets. Nutty,Energy plus, Coconut cookies etc are the most delicious Bangladeshi food products

ACI Foods

ACI Foods limited is famous for basic spices, mixed spices, cereals, edible oil, snacks and confectionery in Bangladesh. In Bahrain ACI food products are distributed through Pullooz world trading est. The products are branded under two names PURE and FUN.

PalmTop Oils

Palmtop Vegeoil Products is growing exponentially in edible oil market.They are the quality manufacturers for edible oils in Malaysia. Pullooz world trading est is a main distributor of palmtop oils in Bahrain

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